The following controls can help you navigate through the online course.


Informational Areas


Prompt: The text prompt on the lower left corner of the screen displays instructions on what to do next.


Progress Indicator: The progress indicator on the upper right hand corner of the screen, below the course title, displays your location within the module.


Navigational Buttons


Next: Click to go to the next screen in the course. Use this button each time you are finished viewing a screen and are ready to move on to the next one.


Back: Click to return to the previous screen.


Replay: Click to replay the narration and other elements on the screen that you are currently viewing.


Audio: Click to turn the course narration off and on.


Resources: Click to access program resources such as a glossary.


Help: Click to access information about using the course features.


Exit: Click to close the current window and return to the course menu to select another module.




Video: Some screens include video scenarios to support your learning. Use the controls at the bottom of the video window to play, pause, and stop the video.


Hyperlinks: Hyperlinks are indicated by blue underlined text. Click hyperlinks to launch additional material related to the course, such as supporting documents, websites, or glossaries.


Other Interactions: For all other interactions, follow instructions on the screen or in the text prompt area.


Pocket Guide

State Laws

Educational Institute Website

Checking Identification








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